About Me

Having completed a degree in Theatre Design at Nottingham University I have over twenty years experience working as a designer, model maker, scene painter and prop maker in television, film and theatre.

It’s been a super creative year, working on a number of award winning short films, adverts, promotions and TV drama, TV studio sets as well as a feature starring Clark Gable’s grandson an immersive theatre production at the The Vaults Waterloo and currently a pilot for Netflix.

I love the diversity of the design work, and have been lucky enough have been given freedom as a designer or create lots of bespoke artwork for use within the visual storytelling language of the films I worked on.


I love to draw and hold ‘Life Drawing’ Classes to help and inspire others.

I have my own design company offering a complete production design for bespoke interiors. www.studioseven.co.uk
As well as being able to produce both visuals and models, I have a large range of practical skills that enable me to work creatively on sets within budget and time.